2 comments on “Mindful Learning and Higher Education

  1. I appreciate your approach to the question of mindfulness in graduate studies and the comparison with undergraduate experiences! I agree with you, and you make me think that it is natural that we have some difficult to change to a open conversation, thoughtful way to discuss and share our opinions in graduate school, after many at school experiencing the “usual” mindless way. Thanks for sharing your thought and experience, Krystalyn!


  2. You make a very interesting point with your thought about “why learning is not something that we consider to be a mindful act in the first place.” Why is it that we have to practice mindful learning in the first place? I think because of the lack of creativity allowed in the past in our learning we are now avoiding to display individuality. We aren’t mindful of our own uniqueness leading to us not to be mindful of what we can add to learning.


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