2 comments on “Thoughts On Connected Learning

  1. I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment that connected learning will replace “traditional lecture based learning,” but I do agree with your comments about how connected learning is “the future of learning.” I think whether you like or not: the Internet and social media have changed the world and there is no going back. I think certain areas of education that will continue to exist. However, I agree that they may no longer be the “traditional” method. Perhaps, one day, the discussion will be about “traditional” connected learning needs to utilize with simpler techniques with less technology.


  2. Honestly, I partially agree. Just like you and many others, I hate online classes and I personally never learn anything from it. I agree that connective learning is the future of learning but I do not think at any point in time it will replace traditional lecture type classrooms. Some classes will be held remotely, sure but not all. Technology is currently being integrated in the education at a very fast pace, but this trend will slow down reaching a saturation point to suit the need of each individual, or group of individuals, and depending on the topic and degree. Physical human interaction is part of learning and I don’t see that connective learning, taken to the extreme, could ever replace it.


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